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Cash for CARS Going Strong

Still haunted by that old love that's hanging around in your driveway?

Is your front yard cluttered with the remains of your old romance?

Are your neighbors starting to shake their heads because you just can't let go?

1941 tow truck

Then it's time to get rid of that old car, boat, motorcyle, or anything else with a motor (sorry, no lawnmowers) for a tax deduction for you and a contribution to Radio Phoenix.



As easy as 1, 2, 3


1.  Click here
2.   Fill in the form

3.   A representative from CARS will call you to confirm, and that old love will be gone in a few days.

Or, if you want, simply call  877-919-RPHX or 877-919-7749 and talk to a real, live person.


A representative from CARS will give you your separation papers and a tax contribution notice.  Your car will be sold at auction for the benefit of Radio Phoenix, and you will receive a notice in the mail of the amount of your deduction.


So, clean up your yard and neighborhood, stop people from talking behind your back, and help support Radio Phoenix financially.  And thanks for the donation.